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Guards Down helps veterans and civilians alike overcome hardship by providing alternative solutions such as CBD and natural methods for healing PTSD, Complicated Grief, and other struggles.

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For veterans and their families seeking holistic solutions for emotional, mental, & physical hardship, Guards Down has your back. 

Explore community events, our virtual knowledge center, and Masterclasses to help you heal.

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A Hero's Journey

Suicide is real. A lot of people suffer in silence from trauma and grief because they were never taught how to process the pain.  They are uncomfortable going to counseling, fear being judged by family and friends, and want to avoid being labeled in the workplace.  We’ve developed a framework that allows them to express their pain and get exposed to alternative treatments.  When they do, they get their happiness back.  It’s an effective way to get their voice back and start living.

Many veterans who have symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and complex grief don’t seek the support they need, partly because they don’t find in others the relatability of personal experiences which were the source of trauma. Besides conventional therapy, in order to properly heal and integrate back into society, veterans require personalized treatment that is holistic in nature – a treatment approach that takes into consideration cultural, emotional, physical, and spiritual factors. That is why we founded Guards Down – to provide you or your loved one with the tools, resources, community, and events that would assist in the process of healing, thriving, and integration within a like-minded community. We do so through our understanding of cultural sensitivity, the need for a community, and the impact of holistic measures on effective treatment outcomes.

In fact, studies have shown that culturally sensitive therapy can produce an increase in utilization, favorable treatment outcomes, lower treatment dropouts, and greater overall satisfaction.

For example, for the Native American veterans who report that traditional therapies did not work for them, alternative PTSD therapies, such as ceremonial sweat lodges, had high rates of success. Currently, sweat lodge ceremonies are the treatment of choice for many Native American veterans. Indeed, each culture provides a unique blueprint for healing and community integration, and knowing what aligns best with our own personal experiences can help tremendously in that process.

Alternative treatments such as acupuncture, tapping, yoga, and meditation are known to profoundly alleviate the negative psychological, emotional, and physical effects of military service. However, relatability and a shared sense of community tend to be the most common denominators characterizing effective and long-lasting treatments for veterans with trauma, grief and other common symptoms. Guards Down is built on that understanding by providing veterans access to support through a common community and holistic treatment services in our virtual clinic.

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What are you looking for?

We understand healing deep trauma and complex grief symptoms is an in-depth process, our holistic solutions reflect those insights. The first step is to reach out and start a conversation to find what solution best fits your experience.

We aim to de-stigmatize the search for support and are proud to do so by connecting a community of veterans and civilians in our virtual platform. We offer a community space where people can connect through culturally-sensitive experiences, share their journey, and discover new ones through events, webinars, game nights, festivals, and more.

Explore our virtual community and holistic solutions below to start your journey to heal.

Join the Guards Down tribe to find special events, and connect with others in the community. Join our mission.

Learn about alternative treatments for physical and mental afflictions, why community connection is so healing, and more.

Join the Guards Down tribe to find special events, and connect with others in the community.

Join our mission.

Find your favorite CBD product that fits

your needs.

Learn about alternative treatments for physical and mental afflictions, why community connection is so healing, and more.

Membership & Events

Guards Down is helping you with the community and support system you’re looking for. Through our basic membership, you can access free events, important Guards Down content, and connect with others on our platform. Our premium membership gives you full access to all events, exclusive content, and awesome interactive features to connect with other members of the Guards Down Tribe and find the information you want to help you along your journey. Join our mission.

CBD Products

KUKUA CORP is a veteran & minority-owned company on a mission to create a portfolio of products that provide veterans and civilians alike with the amazing benefits of cannabis-based products. They have partnered with Guards Down to provide a range of CBD products with no THC.

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Support Greg in his journey to help veterans with Complex Grief, and help change people's lives.

Guards Down is providing continuous support to groups of veterans who are dealing with the complex effects of PTSD and Complex Grief on a daily basis and who are still finding ways to cope, given their unique experiences, culture and life prospects.