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Your support helps Guards Down change the lives of veterans and non-veterans who are dealing with the effects of PTSD and Complex Grief.

Your support means a lot to the Guards Down community. You can be someone that helps us keep this project alive. Together, we can change and save the lives of many veterans with your donation.

Guards Down is the community that’s helping veterans deal with post-traumatic stress disorder. Veterans with PTSD experience different symptoms such as sleeplessness, nightmares of the events, numbness, memory loss of interest, increased alertness, anxiety attacks, etc. They’re often fighting depression and have a higher risk of suicide than the rest of the population. Veterans don’t get enough support from society so we’ve decided to create this community and help our fellow neighbors.

Founded by Greg Washington, Guards Down is a place where people can find much-needed support. Greg’s personal experience helps him understand the conditions other veterans go through. He hosts the Guards Down podcast which gives people the platform for sharing personal stories. He amplifies voices that are often unheard of in society. Every story is unique and each person has different coping strategies. We explore them together and share advice on living with PTSD and overcoming the struggles it holds.

Think of Guards Down as a safe space in which veterans can connect with one another. Here, people can openly and honestly tell their stories without judgment. They can find comfort in shared experiences and solidarity. Support groups, in general, are hugely beneficial for healing. When you have a strong support network, you’re more motivated to continue your healing journey and stick to treatment plans.

We explore alternative options for with our members. We offer lots of educational resources that help others learn how to recognize and manage their symptoms. We also host community events such as game nights or webinars so members have a lot of opportunities to meet each other.

Guards Down also provides alternative options for easing the PTSD symptoms such as CBD products. Exploring different treatment options is crucial for finding a personal healing path because, as said, everyone copes with trauma in a unique way. We’re here to offer support and help veterans find solutions to their problems.

Our counselors and life couches are also available to help. They take the holistic approach to medicine meaning observing the “whole” person. Healing means taking care of one’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social well-being.

We hope that now you have a clearer picture of our mission. If you want to support it and change the lives of many veterans dealing with PTSD, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll gladly answer any questions you might have about our programs.

If you’re the one who needs help with coping with complex grief and dealing with PTSD, we highly encourage you to become a member of Guards Down Tribe. We’re stronger together!

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With your support, Guards Down will provide continuous support to groups of veterans who are dealing with the effects of PTSD and Complex Grief and still finding ways to cope, given their unique experiences, culture, and life prospects.