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We’re so proud of our growing online community. The support that each member gives and receives has helped many veterans heal from trauma. Post-traumatic stress disorder is very common amongst veterans so at Guards Down we decided to help all those suffering. We’ve experienced it first hand and we know what PTSD does to a person.

Everyone deals with trauma in a unique way but there are some common symptoms. Veterans with PTSD often have symptoms such as sleeplessness, flashbacks, numbness, or irritability. Depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues are also not rare so veterans with PTSD have a higher risk of suicide. That’s why we created this online community platform – to help our friends, family, and neighbors.

We’re not just strangers because we’ve experienced the same things. We suffer from similar symptoms. And we know that the only way to fight is through solidarity and unity. Support groups can be hugely beneficial. You’ll feel less lonely and isolated. You won’t be judged under any circumstances so you can talk openly about your experiences and your feelings. Our members will be there to hear your story and get you through these tough times.

Guards Down community online doesn’t only connect veterans through game nights, webinars, and other events but we also offer a lot of educational resources. We discuss alternative treatments, the benefits of CBD products, coping techniques, and other methods of holistic medicine that should accompany conventional therapy and traditional treatment.

Holistic medicine wants to look at a larger picture. You won’t be treating just a symptom, you’re going for the cause. It’s about taking into account the whole person and various factors that are affecting health. You need to monitor not just the physical body but mental state, emotions, spirituality, etc. You have the ability to heal within you and holistic medicine will help you draw that out.

Guards Down’s counselors, trainers, and life-coaches have this holistic approach to healing. They’ll be there to provide for your physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social needs. You can talk to them whenever you want and you can connect with other members when you’re going through especially difficult times.

Premium membership will provide you with interactive features to connect with the members of Guards Down Tribe and you’ll also have access to exclusive content and special events. You can always become a basic member with limited access to events and information sources until you’re ready to fully commit to your healing journey. We’d be honored to have you in our online community so don’t hesitate to reach out for more information about our membership programs.

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