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Alternative Treatments for PTSD

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Guards Down take a holistic approach to healing. Besides conventional therapy, veterans could use a personalized approach that takes into consideration all the cultural, emotional, physical, and spiritual factors that affect them. That’s why we offer alternative treatments for PTSD in veterans, different resources, and training methods to help them heal.

Holistic medicine focuses on the whole person rather than treating just a specific condition. In addition to your regular treatment, our counselors and life coaches offer alternative treatments for depression and PTSD through outreach, training, and counseling. We also organize community events and offer natural products that ease anxiety, insomnia, flashbacks, and other symptoms of PTSD.

Healing is a journey. Like with every journey, you need to make the first step. We can help you make that step towards treating your PTSD so you can increase the quality of your life. This is the fight you don’t have to take alone.

At Guards Down, you’ll be a part of the support group of veterans who are going through similar experiences as yours. Community support is immensely helpful for healing your mind, body, and spirit. A like-minded community and its events will help you heal and grow as a person. We’re dealing with PTSD and going through this together!

Contact us at any time because we’ll be there no matter what.